Unitrends BCDR Link is a free, online storage of a Unitrends-created Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan in the Unitrends Cloud. Users of the BCDR Link Service use our BC/DR template and modify it to create their company’s comprehensive, online BC/DR plan and store it in our cloud.  In a disaster or a disaster recovery test, users of BCDR Link can access or download the plan in order to carry out their Recovery actions.  Their BC/DR plan can be viewed on a smart device for use during a disaster.  Users of our service can share access to their stored BC/DR Plan with other users.  These other users can be administrators with rights to change the plan or they can be viewers and only view and download the plan. 

Besides storing the online BC/DR plan, users of the BC/DR Link Service can upload other DR-related files, such as Evacuation diagrams, Call Tree diagrams, Insurance Policy information, or Critical Vendor lists.  Users are limited to 1GB of storage space in the Unitrends Cloud for these additional DR-related files. 

Unitrends has designed its Unitrends Cloud to be secure, private, and highly available during a disaster.  Unitrends had applied its skill and know-how as a Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Software Provider to its cloud environment.  In addition, the Unitrends BCDR Link service resides in multiple regions and zones at Amazon Web Services, to utilize the additional security, globally redundant, and fault-tolerant data centers that Amazon provides.